September to October Mesocycle Programming [2019]

Well hello there! Today, I'm going to share the programming I created after reading Overcoming Gravity. I learned so much in that book and if you want to hear how I first discovered it, and the truths I realized I needed to implement, check out my previous post, True Strength Training.

I created this routine, which I plan on following for 6 weeks, and then I will evaluate my progress and decide if I should change up some of the exercises or stay the course for an additional 2 weeks. Mesocycles can range from 6-8 weeks and are followed by a deloading week. It seems like deload weeks aren't as necessary for beginners, but my body will tell me whether it needs one or not. Basically, if I am feeling fatigued, de-motivated, and/or plateauing, a rest week will be just what the doctor ordered.

Because I'm ambitious, I decided to choose 3 pull exercises and 3 push exercises coupled with 2 leg exercises. I will be incorporating a rest day every other day. My rest days will not be couch potato days, but days where I do not engage in any strength training so that my muscles can fully recover. Steven Low says it is okay to engage in mobility and flexibility work and any activity that is "light." Rest days are fine to work on skill training like handstand balancing work or compression and core work. I have also included my rest day plans below.

Warm Up

20 Burpees, 100 Jumping Jacks, or 100 Jump Ropes

60 Shoulder Pumps, 60 Hamstring Bounces (each leg), Wrist Warm Up, Asian Squats, Side to Side Squats, Shoulder Stretches

Downward Dog and Cat Cow

Skill and Compression/Core Work

Handstand Hold Facing Wall 3x30s (work to hold FHS 20-30s)

Kick Up to Handstand and Stick Hold without Wobbles 10xeach leg

Jump Up to Handstand and Stick Hold without Wobbles 10x

Compression Training (ST PK Holds 3x10s) 

L-sit 6x4s on Floor or Mini P-Bars

Ab Wheel 3x10

Hanging Leg Raise Eccentrics  3(3x3s)

Straddle Handstand Lowers (3x10)

Strength Work

Tuck Planche [Pendant Pose/Lolasana] 5x7s

Back Lever (3x5) I'm working on the skin the cat version as I can hold the Back Lever, but I realized that I can benefit quite a lot by increasing my range of motion through skin the cat. I'll move up to holding the Back Lever Tuck after I reach full range of motion in Skin the Cat.

Chin-Ups 3 sets of 1 Concentric > 3x6s Eccentrics

PHSPUs 3(3x7s) Eccentrics

Horizontal Rows 3(3x3s)

Dips 3x5 

Shrimp Squats 3x8

Deep Step Ups 3x8

Cool Down

Hollow Back Holds

Wall Bridge Walk Downs

Splits and Frog

This workout took me 2 hours. I could probably shorten it by 15-30 min by not spending so much time at the end practicing handstands and doing extra stretching.

Rest Days

3-mile walk

Plasticity and Elasticity Routine

Skills and Compression Training 

Handstand Hold Facing Wall 3x30s (work to hold FHS 20-30s)

Kick Up to Handstand and Stick Hold without Wobbles 10xeach leg

Jump Up to Handstand and Stick Hold without Wobbles 10x

Compression Training (ST PK Pumps 3x10s) 

L-sit 5x7s on P Bars/Blocks

Blanket Slide Throughs 3x10 (mini P bars)

Awkward Plank 5x7s

Straddle Handstand Lowers (3x10)

Dylan Werner Video or Handspring Training

Glute and Low Back Work

1 Leg HS Bridge Elevated 3x8

1 Leg Blanket Curl Slides Bridge 3x8

During each microcycle (week), I reserve the right to not do any of the stuff listed on my rest day and just give my body more rest and recovery. I'm going to work really hard to listen to my body and make sure it gets the necessary time-off to repair my muscles so I experience strength gains. 

I will record myself performing each of these exercises tomorrow (click here to see video post) so we can have a good benchmark of where I'm at and what progressions I'm using for my starting points. Happy Training and simply click here to see my Sept-Oct. Mesocycle Progress and Programming video. 

P.S. Here is a link to my training log:


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