One Month Training Update | Janelle's Journey


WOW! I can't believe it has only been one month of training. I feel like I have been doing this routine for ages lol. I'm definitely looking forward to changing things up after I complete this mesocycle in another 2 weeks.

I feel like I'm not progressing as much on some of the exercises. However, I'm glad I've been videoing myself each week and keeping my detailed training log as I can look back and see the progress.

You can check out my training log and programming for this mesocycle here:

And if you are looking for my free "Training Resource Guide," you can grab that here:

Hopefully, something in there can help you in your journey. If you think of any tips or have any suggestions for me, please do share! And if you want to receive my weekly progress updates, make sure to subscribe. Thanks and happy training!

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Handstand Straddle Press Lowers [Progression Exercise]


Hello, fellow bodyweight training fitness fanatics! Here is an update on my handstand press straddle lowers exercise progress. I'm so pleased that I'm lowering past 90 degrees. Huge accomplishment!

I figure if I keep working these till I get my toes to the floor, I will be one step closer to lifting myself into a straddle handstand from the floor--I just need to reverse the movement. Which actually, might be a bit trickier than it sounds.

If you want to watch the progress, you can click through my other blog posts or head over to Janelle's Journey on YouTube and watch the playlist channel. It's really fun to see how far I've come. Are you documenting your journey too? If so, please do share it with me!

If you want to see my training log so you can see how I keep track of my workouts and how far I've come, here's a link to that:

And, for those interested in my free "Training...

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September to October Mesocycle Programming [2019]

Well hello there! Today, I'm going to share the programming I created after reading Overcoming Gravity. I learned so much in that book and if you want to hear how I first discovered it, and the truths I realized I needed to implement, check out my previous post, True Strength Training.

I created this routine, which I plan on following for 6 weeks, and then I will evaluate my progress and decide if I should change up some of the exercises or stay the course for an additional 2 weeks. Mesocycles can range from 6-8 weeks and are followed by a deloading week. It seems like deload weeks aren't as necessary for beginners, but my body will tell me whether it needs one or not. Basically, if I am feeling fatigued, de-motivated, and/or plateauing, a rest week will be just what the doctor ordered.

Because I'm ambitious, I decided to choose 3 pull exercises and 3 push exercises coupled with 2 leg exercises. I will be incorporating a rest day every other day. My rest days will not be...

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Janelle's Journey | Learning to Handstand Press


Hi Guys! I've been working hard to nail my handstand press. It has been a bucket list item for me for years, but I really didn't have any plan to achieve it. I mean I had taken courses on Alo moves called "Quest for the Press," but most of the training moves were impossible for me to even execute. When I discovered Brian's Handstand Press course (message me and I'll give you the deets and make an intro to Brian--yes, he pays me a small commission if I refer you and you end up signing up), and it promised a system that would help me get my handstand press within 3 months, I was all ears.

The program cost me $5k and it ended up being a 6-month course. Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting my handstand press, but I did gain considerable strength, a greater understanding of what I needed to work on in order to get my handstand press, some incredible friends, an upgraded mindset, and an increased determination to achieve my handstand press. Most importantly, it inspired me to...

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