Handstand Straddle Press Lowers [Progression Exercise]


Hello, fellow bodyweight training fitness fanatics! Here is an update on my handstand press straddle lowers exercise progress. I'm so pleased that I'm lowering past 90 degrees. Huge accomplishment!

I figure if I keep working these till I get my toes to the floor, I will be one step closer to lifting myself into a straddle handstand from the floor--I just need to reverse the movement. Which actually, might be a bit trickier than it sounds.

If you want to watch the progress, you can click through my other blog posts or head over to Janelle's Journey on YouTube and watch the playlist channel. It's really fun to see how far I've come. Are you documenting your journey too? If so, please do share it with me!

If you want to see my training log so you can see how I keep track of my workouts and how far I've come, here's a link to that: 


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