2 Week Progress Update | Sept-Oct 2019 Mesocycle


Wow! I'm so pleased with my progress. In just 2 weeks, I've gone from assisted shrimp squats to full shrimp squats, quadrupled my dips, tripled my chin ups, improved my hold times, moved up a progression on my horizontal rows, and am feeling balanced and stronger. 

I made a video update and here is a link to my training log where you can see my workout notes:


If you want my free training resource guide, you can grab that here:


And I found another awesome book by Steven Low that I highly recommend called Overcoming Poor PostureI am trying to do the exercises daily and as you can see from my training log, I'm doing pretty good so far. I love the exercises and they are helping me open up my chest immensely and counteracting all my forward head positioning from computer work. 

If you want to see the video update on YouTube...

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September to October Mesocycle Programming [2019]

Well hello there! Today, I'm going to share the programming I created after reading Overcoming Gravity. I learned so much in that book and if you want to hear how I first discovered it, and the truths I realized I needed to implement, check out my previous post, True Strength Training.

I created this routine, which I plan on following for 6 weeks, and then I will evaluate my progress and decide if I should change up some of the exercises or stay the course for an additional 2 weeks. Mesocycles can range from 6-8 weeks and are followed by a deloading week. It seems like deload weeks aren't as necessary for beginners, but my body will tell me whether it needs one or not. Basically, if I am feeling fatigued, de-motivated, and/or plateauing, a rest week will be just what the doctor ordered.

Because I'm ambitious, I decided to choose 3 pull exercises and 3 push exercises coupled with 2 leg exercises. I will be incorporating a rest day every other day. My rest days will not be...

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