September to October Mesocycle Progressions [2019]
January 07, 2020

Hello there fellow fitness fanatics! I am enjoying putting my learning into practice. The Overcoming Gravity book has been life-changing for my training. As you can see from my video (you can watch the video embedded above or click on the youtube link embedded below--I include the YouTube link in case you want to binge-watch the Janelle's Journey playlist).

I've included the goals and progression charts that Steven Low shared in his book. You can see how I highlighted in orange where I currently am at in my skill development. I highlighted in green the skills I'm working toward. You can see my blog post listing my training goals by clicking here.

I think that is all for now. I'll be sure to write next week about my progress. 

YouTube video version that will allow you to see Janelle's Journey playlist:

Link to my free training resource guide:

Link to my training log from the video:

 Here is my previous post where you will find the exercises typed out.

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